Notes To Self - Part 3

Notebooks are worth gold. Fill them with insights and keep them.
Trust the process, have patience. Everything you love, dream about and want comes to you at the right time. Here is a portion from my own journals filled with notes to myself. 

  1. I love rain. Do you? 
  2. Risking nothing = risking everything. 
  3. Stop viewing life as a competition. 
  4. Stay away from people who habitually value things that conflict with your values. 
  5. Do not compare the worst of what you know about yourself with the best assumptions you make about others. 
  6. Spend time with grateful people. 
  7. Shift your focus to the goodness in your life. 
  8. Remind yourself that nobody has it all. Comparing yourself to others is a losing proposition. 
  9. Your life is too valuable to be lived like everyone else's. Dare to express yourself. 
  10. Inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime. Be prepared. 
  11. Simplicity and purity are above everything else. 
  12. Impressing people is something entirely different from being truly impressive. 
  13. Uncertainty and fear are relieved by authority. Training is authority. 
  14. Try switching from a survival mode to a gratitude mindset and see what happens. 
  15. If you don't know how much you need, it's likely that the default becomes 'more'. So a lot of energy is diverted from living your purpose towards filling your bank account only. 
  16. Insecurity + ambition = inability to say 'NO' 
  17. Know what you don't want. 
  18. Maintain commitment and fidelity to your purpose/calling/core values. 
  19. Figure out why you're after what you're after. Ignore others who mess with your journey. Let them covet what you've got. This is freedom. 
  20. Train your brain to focus only on what's good and beautiful and constructive in all things and people. Don't negotiate with it, train it. End your suffering right now. 
  21. When you're in a beautiful and balanced state, then you're able to help yourself and others. 
  22. When you end the business of anxiety and stress, there is so much room for freedom and love and happiness. 
  23. In different states of mind, you get different results. Make sure you're in a state of opportunity. 
  24. Talking depletes you. Learn to built pockets of silence and sollitude to nourish your creativity. 
  25. Watch what happens when you stop talking about a problem or a challenge. Feel how much better and stronger you become. 
  26. True influence has little to do with loud presence, titles, degrees, overexposure or marketing. It comes from within and it is felt by others naturally. 
  27. Having authority is not the same as being an authority. 
  28. You're worked upon by what you're working on. What you choose to do with your time and money works proportionately on you. (after Fr. Douglas) 
  29. Learn to know yourself. False ideas about yourself, whether negative or positive, are not beneficial. 
  30. You can only learn if you believe you don't know something. 
  31. Purpose over passion, as function over form. (after Ryan Holliday) 
  32. Think good thoughts and good things will come your way. 
  33. Decide you're happy where you are now with what you've got now. 
  34. Fall in love with life and leave envy to the amateurs. 
  35. Overthinking and overtalking deplete your creative energy. 
  36. There is a self-serving element that starts with you deciding you want to learn a ccertain skills and then making a project around it. 
  37. When you want to do important and meaningful work, prepare yourself to be subjected to treatment ranging from indifference to outright sabotage. 
  38. Play the game. Ignore the noise. 
  39. Get out of your own head. 
  40. If you make it, you don't have to fake it. 
  41. Work does not want to be good. It wants to be done first. 
  42. Always stay a student. 
  43. Having a greater clear purpose in life soothes anxiety and feeds your heart with strength. 
  44. Learn other ways to express yourself aside from the artistic languages you've already mastered. 

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